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#StripOffTheHeat Party!

Posted on Friday, September 18, 2015

All it takes is for someone to yell, "Let's grab Trishna's boobies!" and all of a sudden everyone is in formation, hahaha. I've never met a group of girls more game and not self-conscious at all how ridiculous we are (cause being too serious is no fun, guys), and it was really good to see everyone especially before some of the girls left for exchange!! (And nice to meet you in person, Vickii!)

Anyway, we got the invite for Strip Singapore's #Stripofftheheat pool party earlier in August thanks to Hanya and Bea (these girls forever have lobang!!!) A seriously well planned event by the Strip team who included everything a pool party should have - giant inflatable floats in a myriad of shapes and sizes, wildly coloured alcoholic punch, tropical flavoured popsicles to keep us cool, inflatable beer pong, loud summer music, barbecued food... It really felt like hell yeah this is Summer (I know this is ironic because it is Singapore and the perpetual tropics). My only regret is not wearing a swimsuit so that we could jump into the pool, but still a memorable day for us all. Can't wait till the next opportunity for us to meet again!