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Home in Paris

Posted on Tuesday, October 6, 2015

I love how Parisian houses are literally long length-wise to maximize the windows and light in the house. While I remember how balmy it was the first day we arrived (35C??), the creaky floorboards, the unpractical toilet paper roll holder that we would always knock over when walking in; I also remember the feeling of relief whenever we come back safely to our little temporary home, lazy mornings waking up in our room because it's raining outside, and the many makeshift lunches we made ourselves and ate on our living room floor even though we had a perfectly functional dining room.

Our Airbnb apartment was decently located near Galleries Lafayette and really affordable for Paris at S$200+ a night for the whole apartment (or around S$100 a person/night), much cheaper than a hotel - which is the beauty of Airbnb of course. The only catch is that we had to book it a whole 8 months before our trip because it's really popular and highly rated! But with the leisure of foresight, it wasn't much of a problem. Justin was the one who actually found this place and showed it to me because he knew it suited my aesthetic (aww).

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