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Parisian Hauls

Posted on Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Just some things I picked up on my trip to Paris - I believe that many of the items you can buy from all over the world but to me they're special because I know where I got them from.

By the way, I sometimes feel like taking pictures of my stuff gives me more "value" for the amount I paid, does that make sense to anyone???

Firstly, I never knew H&M had a Home section overseas??? I'm so making this a regular stop every time I go to Europe in future. A tray like this would have cost so much more elsewhere - so even though it was my very last day of Paris and literally had no space in my luggage, I somehow found a way to stuff it into my carry-on, yes I did.

& Other Stories Steel Garden Hand Cream and Body Mist

I can't resist popping by and getting a little something from & Other Stories every time I'm in Europe (such a huge fan). I secretly hope they never come to Singapore to destroy the mystique, if you know what I mean! But anyway, Stories has plenty of other equally awesome sounding and smelling scents such as Moroccan Mint and Sirocco Sands, but Steel Garden appealed to my nose more so that's what I bought.

Roses Candle €44.00 190g
L'Ombre dans l'Eau €70.00 50ml

I bought my first Baies Diptyqe candle from London - but Paris is the cheapest place you can buy Diptyque stuff, for example if I bought my standard size Roses candle in London it would have cost £40.00 (around S$80.00) but in Paris it's 44.00 (around S$65.00). So yep, now you know the secret guys. Fun fact: If you want to smell like a Baies candle, L'Ombre is basically Baies in perfume form. I was almost going to buy my rose scent before realising this, and you can guess what I went with!

Don't forget to ask them for samples! They'll always give you some.

Medium Eiffel Tower 5.00

I'm not really sure what the market price on these things are, but basically avoid the tourist shops if you want to buy one home. We instead bought ours from the troves of African American men walking around the Eiffel Tower area because you can get a better deal by bargaining. I got the medium one and 3 small Eiffel Tower keychains for €5.00 altogether and the guy said ok really quickly - so I'm guessing we could have gone even lower!

Actually, they have Aesop in Singapore but it's just a little bit cheaper in Paris (though it's an Australian brand) and I get my VAT refunds (about 10% off) so I paid around S$55.00 for this in Paris compared to S$69.00 in Singapore for the Amazing Face Cleanser (I think it's so cool how they literally gave no shits on naming their products - there's another one called Fabulous Face Cleanser, I shit you not).

The Resurrection Aromatique Hand Balm actually comes in a more value but not-pink container at €29.00 for 120ml (versus €23.00 for 75ml), but I'd be the first to admit that I was taken by the pretty pink packaging. #truth, guys, #truth.

Lastly, I actually bought the Purifying Facial Exfoliant Paste because I need an exfoliator (and actually use it). Not sure if the effects get weakened because I slap on my cheap-ass Neutrogena toner after HAHA (I kid, Neutrogena is one of my favourite brands for facial cleansing), but I like the Aesop brand because they believe in mixing nature and science to get the best formulas. It costs a bomb, but... it's really pretty and smells awesome?

Once again, ask for samples! They'll give you some :)