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The Company of Cats

Posted on Tuesday, October 27, 2015

I've been playing with the idea of getting a cat for a while now and try my best whenever I'm free to do research on how to keep one, and of course spending some time with actual cats to see how I feel about them. The Company of Cats is a newly opened cat cafe in Singapore, so of course I rushed down with fellow Feline-o-phile Sujin to check it out!

I've only visited one other cat cafe in Singapore - Neko No Niwa (you can read my review of it here) so naturally I did draw some comparisons between the two cafes.

On first entering The Company of Cats, I would say that it is a bit smellier of the two because the litter area is situated inside the playroom (compared to Neko no Niwa's which is located outside and further away). But your nose gets used to it fairly quickly! Of course, TCOC has extra points because of their adorable lattes with cat drawings in them. Unlike Neko no Niwa, they also have a selection of toys like those feather dangly things to play with the cats (though I kind of sucked at using them - the cats never caught my bait, sob).

Cats wise, they kept running away from me. WHY??? Only Belle (the fluffy mink/white one I brushed a lot) stood still to let me give her mah lurve. Apparently she's a crowd favourite! Other than that, an hour really rushes by when you're in there (it's $14.00 an hour including a standard drink + $5.00 every subsequent half an hour. The cute lattes are not a standard drink and cost $5.00 extra). If you want cheaper rates, it's only $10.00 an hour on weekdays from 12-4pm, reason being the cats are all asleep! They start waking up around 4:30PM onwards.

It occurred to me that I could pay $23.00 for entry to the Singapore Zoo and see a zillion more species of animals for as long as I wanted, but you know... I want to see cats.

The Company of Cats
6B Mosque Street Singapore 059486
Reservations: +65 6220 3835