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Digital Fashion Week 2015

Posted on Friday, November 6, 2015

F21 Dress | Zalora Heels (similar here) | 

Made my Digital Fashion Week debut this past weekend thanks to Trishna for the Ying the Label showcase! To be honest I think I had more fun heading over to her house to get ready together than at the event itself, but still, I love any reason to dress up and head out! I received a lot of compliments on my outfit, but fun fact - everything I'm wearing cost me less than $100.00. I am a huge fan of mass market labels simply because fashion changes so fast and I personally believe that you don't have to be dressed top to toe in designer labels to look chic, a mix is always good.

It's quite exciting to see who the fashion industry in Singapore is changing and to be a part of it in some small way. Personally, there's still a long way to go before Singapore designer labels really reach a global standard with truly runway worthy pieces - I feel that our market is still highly casual and tends towards more ready-to-wear collections versus showcasing pieces that are innovative in design and fashion forward. Commercially, I guess this makes sense, but in a market so saturated with online shops selling their "original" ready-to-wear designs at $35.00, what would really make people want to spend hundreds supporting an unknown designer brand? I know there are many answers to one question, but for now it's nice to see that there is a platform to do so, which is Digital Fashion Week.

Photos by Trishna Goklani, Ediing by Myself

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