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Part 1: Food in Paris (the Affordable)

Posted on Saturday, November 21, 2015

This food guide is not for you if you are looking for not necessarily the cheapest, but perhaps the more value eats in Paris. Justin always does a lot of research on what to eat when we're overseas to avoid falling accidentally into the tourist traps, so I've arranged a list of restaurants according to price (from lowest to highest) for your viewing pleasure!

1. Le Bouillon Chartier

If you try to search for "food in Paris", Le Bouillon Chartier will probably pop up as one of the results. It is quite the institution for food as while it serves the very atypical French brasserie-style fare, it stands out because it's so cheap.

Oh, and the inside of the restaurant is enormous and very old school Paris.  
There were plenty of Parisians and families so this place is legit for both tourists and locals.

Things to note: we went at an odd hour but there still was a line outside the place. We got seated quickly almost instantly as there was just two of us as I believe the line moves very quickly due to efficient service and the restaurant being large. However, you should still be prepared to wait. Perks - the restaurant opens all throughout the day till midnight, so if you can't find anywhere that's open, Le Bouillon Chartier probably is.

Le Bouillon Chartier
7 Rue du Faubourg Montmartre
75009 Paris, France
Near: Galleries Lafayette

2. Frenchie to Go

If you're looking for a roadside cafe in Paris that is a little modern and not so typically the ideal of a French cafe, there's Frenchie To Go. According to Justin, it's very highly rated (he always does his research before we go somewhere to eat). For 14.00€, this isn't the cheapest sandwich in town, but Justin says it was amazing and damn, I can appreciate some good looking meat (even though I couldn't eat it). Tip: please do not buy the drink I bought here - it's way overpriced at 6.00€ when it sells at 4.00€ in the supermarkets. But overall, pretty chill and hipster place to be if you've already seen Paris lots.

Frenchie To Go
9 Rue Du Nil
75002 Paris, France
Near: Jardin des Tuileries

3. Autour Du Saumon

We were in the area and looking for somewhere to eat, hence somewhat stumbling upon this cosy, brightly lit restaurant that Justin said it was very highly rated on Tripadvisor (the app tells you where to eat nearby, wherever you are!)

If you haven't guessed from the photos, Autour Du Saumon specialises in salmon done all ways. Tartare-d, poached, carppacio-ed, you name it. They even had a platter in which they had every style on it in small portions so you could try them all. I kind of regretted ordering two tartare, but hey, I had a craving.

Mains range from 19.00-29.00€. The salmon is really fresh since Norway is kind of nearer to Paris than it is to Singapore. Service was excellent - one waiter running the whole place, but he never missed a hand wave to call him over, and helped us rush our meal as we had a baking class to go for.

A very non-touristy option if you feel like all that heavy French food is getting to you, this is truly was a huge breath of fresh air to have something "lighter" on the palate. Definitely hope to go back if I ever return to Paris!

Autour Du Saumon
57 Rue Cler
75007 Paris, France
Near: The Eiffel Tower

4. Cafe Marly

 One of the few tourist traps we intentionally went to. We picked Cafe Marly as its clearly one of those restaurants that you go to more for the view than for the food. We ate the Croque-Madame but I would say I've had better and cheaper croque-madame's around Paris. Come here for a coffee or drinks in between your sight-seeing and maybe for that photo-op / instagram moment but skip the food. I drank that orange juice like I would never drink another because the weather was 30 degrees out. In Paris. Yowch.

Cafe Marly
93 Rue de Rivoli
75001 Paris, France
Near: The Louvre (of course)

5. Au Petit Sud Ouest

We like to cheers our food before we eat keke.

I was supposed to eat at Au Petit Sud Ouest for my birthday since there is nothing I wanted more than a giant plate full of Foie Gras, and full of foie it was! I personally preferred the Foie Gras with caramelised apples over the one with truffle sauce (both 23.50€ each). If you skip the appetisers, Au Petit Sud Ouest is quite affordable with the Duck Confit starting around 18.00€ and goin up to 25.50€ depending on your sides. Their Goose Confit is pretty unique as well as most brasseries in Paris choose just to serve duck only, but then again Au Petit Sud Ouest is very highly rated as they specialist in all things fowl. Reservations are recommended, which you can do easily on their website :)

Au Petit Sud Ouest
46 Avenue de la Bourdonnais
75007 Paris, France
Near: The Eiffel Tower