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Masons Singapore

Posted on Wednesday, January 6, 2016

So Jiehui and I ventured out to Gillman Barracks (a.k.a. less popular version of Dempsey) to try out Masons since I have the one-for-one Mains thanks to The Entertainer App. Fun fact: I bought the app this year again but I can share it with Justin since all he has to do is download the app on his phone and sign into my account. Yes, multiple sign ins are allowed which means, score, we can both use it when we go out!

Slow lunch on a Monday at Masons.

About Masons - after the one-for-one discount our bill rang up to S$47.00 for both of us (for the pizza, the pasta and two drinks). Was a little shocked when we asked for water and the waiter brought out a bottle of S.Pellegrino's without even asking if we wanted still/sparkling water, or if we even wanted to pay for our water. Isn't it common courtesy in restaurants to ask and not assume?

Anyway so I quickly stopped him and asked how much it was, and he said "$2.00", but then later he came back to us and said $2.00 is for... tap water? I really don't get restaurants that charge for water here in Singapore - even at $0.50 I don't get it. Clearly they wanted us to buy drinks, which we already did, so shouldn't there be a rule in restaurants that if you buy drinks you get free water or something?

But other than that, food was decent. They ran out of the one truffle dish we were there for, but I think their pizza was surprisingly good. Got their House Special pizza (S$26.00++) which has all the things pizzas need IMO: pepperoni, mushrooms, artichokes, ham and a thin crispy crust. Would not really recommend their pastas unless you have the one-for-one.

Also because it was Monday, we could take a slow, slow lunch because we were the only ones there. Ah, life.