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Part 2 - Fontainebleau Grounds

Posted on Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Haha, so I know France was so long ago but I guess editing the photos kind of went on my back burner. But since it's my blog, I shall post whatever I want, muahahaha. Hope you guys still enjoy looking at the photos!

The grounds of Fontainebleau (fawn-tan-bluh). I think the general rule of thumb when it comes to any French ch√Ęteau is to zoom through the inside of the palace (I did a post of that here) and spend as much time in the gardens as possible because that's where the gold is!

Excuse me for touristing.

Wild boyfriend spotted!

Fontainebleau's grounds are enormous, but a day trip from Paris is enough to see the main stuff. You can even pack a proper picnic as there is hardly anyone around since the tourists are all at Versailles.

See? No one. It was really fun just taking our time to stroll through and explore every part of the grounds. So many photo ops with no one to judge you, all you instagram crazy folks! 

You can rent boats around the lake but we didn't, since we already had our rowing fun time at Bois de Vincennes (another park and day trip, view the post here)!

When I saw my first hydrangea bush in France I was so flippin excited - but they are seriously common here in Europe to the point that I could walk past one without yelling "HYDRANGEAS!" (Yes, that was me for the first few days). Still a pretty sight tho :)

So the mysterious sightings of a fat asian boy around Fontainebleau were true! :'D

Are these flowers morning glories??? It wasn't morning but they matched my dress, so photos were in order, of course (poor Justin suffers through all my incessant photo taking).

It gets chillier in the forests (of course). This is about as deep as we walked before we decided to head off because the journey back to Paris is about 40 minutes and we didn't want to have dinner at Fontainebleau itself cause the food here is shite (we tried - SADwiches and CRAPES).

So yes, if it's not your first time in Paris and you've seen it all, Fontainebleau is definitely an option you can consider going to!

Directions from Paris to Fontainebleau: Train tickets were 8.85€ each way from Paris-Gare de Lyon and the train stop is called Fontainebleau-Avon. Finding the train is a little tricky since the signboards list the last stop for the train (which may be somewhere else, not Fontainebleau), so stay alert and look at your ticket. But at worse if you miss it, the next one comes in 20 minutes so no probs.

From the Fontainebleau station you have to take a public bus, which was a little confusing because normally when I go to tourist attractions the rule is just follow the bus that has the throngs of tourists. Since no one comes here, we actually had to look at the bus table for once, and there were real locals on the bus (omg).

Pro tip: Walking onto the Fontainebleau grounds is free - you only have to pay to go into the chateau itself, so I say save money and spend all your time outside!