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Borrowing from the Boys

Posted on Monday, February 15, 2016

Gap T-Shirt | Zalora Shoes | Ray Ban Aviators

Felt like keeping my outfit loose and comfortable for date day with the boyfriend! I love how we completely can have a set of day plans and completely change it without any fuss to have an even more fun day out.

We ended up spending 3 whole hours in this black hole also known as "the arcade", which is a hugely different experience when you're an adult and can just pay for more game credits yourself if you want (versus begging your parents for more). After that it was movie time! Deadpool - since it just released, and in GV Gold Class! It's a little something we spoil ourselves to once a year (tickets are $39.00 each) but for the comfiest plush leather chairs, soft fleece blankets, calling waiters for food to eat while watching the movie and just the overall right to pretend we are all fancy, haha.

We seriously ought to get out more.

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