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El Mero Mero Singapore

Posted on Tuesday, March 15, 2016

So if you've been following this blog for a while you might know how Justin and I have 3-year foodie plans to celebrate our anniversary, which is that we change restaurant every 3 years to keep things interesting. We stumbled upon El Mero Mero by accident on a random date day and have been super excited to come back here again for our yearly celebrations!

If the name doesn't already suggest it, El Mero Mero serves Mexican food, but in a contemporary, atas way. I love Mexican food; and even though it is a little expensive here in Singapore, I've always considered it more of in the range of "casual dining". I was really impressed by how El Mero Mero managed to elevate your usual Mexican dishes with high quality and fresh ingredients to make them both stunning and delicious!

The ambience at El Mero Mero is superb. Located at Chijmes (which I hardly visited before this), we decided to sit at their alfresco area. There was Spanish guitar music playing in the background (very appropriate) and lots of people watching opportunities in the square! Felt like we were back in Europe albeit the heat.

We came during Happy Hour (hoorah!) which is daily from 5:30-7:30PM and drinks were going at $9.90++ each in which you could choose from their Classic Margarita, the "El Mero Mero", Sangria, Wine or Beer. I couldn't help but choose the El Mero Mero (U.P. $18.00++) of course, because anything named after the restaurant's namesake should be good, right? Haha.

Service was super quick, we order the Guacamole ($18.00++) cause it's a Mexican food must and I love this stuff, but I love how they embellish the tortilla chips in red and yellow (personally, there's no difference in taste - it's just pretty!) Having eaten lots of substandard guac, this one really stands out with it's freshness and how it's still a little "chunky" for the added texture!

We love variety in meals, so we ordered lots of items from their "Small Plates" section (kinda like dim sum). This is my personal favourite: the Bluefin Tuna Tostada ($21.00++)! Wish there was more! The presentation once again is delightful with raw tuna, chipotle mayo and radishes arranged like a garden. You would think with the raw fish that the thin tortilla would be soggy, but nope - it was light and crispy! (Also because we ate it so quickly, haha!)

While I loved the unique presentation of the El Mero Mero Ceviche ($18.00++) in the ice bucket, this was personally my least favourite dish as the tomato sauce was too sour and overpowered everything inside (there were octopus, prawns and avocado). If I had a chance I would have just reordered the Wild Fish Ceviche ($20.00++) which we ordered last year!

We had a one-person portion of the Tacos (which are like a main here). There are so many options I wish we could have tried them all, but we settled for the Kurobuta Pork "Al Pastor" ($17.00++ for the single portion with 2 tacos) which came with a pineapple slice on top to cut the fattiness. I love it whenever we get condiments to add on to our dishes like the onion lime sauce on the side! I feel that the pork could have been a touch more tender, but Justin loved it based on the speed he gobbled it up!

We almost didn't order the Atlantic Grilled Octopus ($28.00++) because Justin was scared it would be rubbery, but as the waitress recommended it, we figured we'd give it a go, and so glad we did!! The octopus had just the right amount of bite, and the burnt/grilled taste + the corn cream it sat on were TO DIE FOR. Wiped this one clean (even the veggie) and would definitely order again in a heartbeat!

We came so early, night only started falling towards the end of our meal. For dessert we had the Braised Pineapple ($14.00++) because it sounded so unique. The Pineapple was caramelised with raw sugar and the sweet and sour with the ice cream (which had actual vanilla beans in it) ended our meal off on a very refreshing note.

The whole ambience at El Mero Mero is a really romantic place, and definitely an excellent place to go for a date in Singapore (I mean, look at it)! Can't wait to come again next year!

El Mero Mero
30 Victoria Street
Singapore 187996
Reservations: via Chope or call them at +65 6337 1377