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Shades of Spring with Skin Inc

Posted on Friday, April 22, 2016

Even though we don't get four seasons here in Singapore, I do feel in the mood for spring when I see my Instagram feed loaded with pretty pastels of cherry blossoms and what not! Anyway, I've received more goodies from Skin Inc - this time a limited edition range of My Daily Dose bottles in Rose Quartz and Serenity (S$169.00 each), inspired by the Pantone Colours of 2016! Heh, so I always thought that just Rose Quartz alone was the colour of the year, but it turns out so is Serenity (am I the only one?) - and they both represent equality and balance each other out perfectly.

The ingredients for this range are pre-selected - a Spring Concoction for Rose Quartz, containing Ceramide to strengthen skin's barrier, Collagen to plump skin and improve suppleness and Vitamin A for a rosy glow; and a Heat & Haze concoction for Serenity, containing Ceramide as well to strengthen skin's barrier, Hyaluronic Acid to replenish moisture and French Pine Bark to fight againt free radicals!

I've been jumping between the two bottles - and the dropper is kind of addictive (also now in rose gold!) I know the bottle looks small (30ml), but I only use around 2-3 drops each time and it's more than enough to cover my face, so it definitely lasts quite a while!

Anyway, what stands out to me the most about Skin Inc product is how they have no smell. It's almost like revolutionary, because all beauty brands have their "signature scent", which is great too -but it feels "cleaner" when a product has no scent because it feels like I didn't put anything on! I  know results can't come some soon, but I've been using these two consistently for the past week and I really feel that my skin looks so much more vibrant already... or maybe I'm biased?

But seriously, try it yourselves guys. I feel so pampered by their cool and sturdy glass bottles, just looking at them alone makes me happy!