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Med Kärlek Wedding Bootcamp

Posted on Saturday, May 7, 2016

 Attended the Med Kärlek Wedding Bootcamp (@medkarlek) thanks to owner Phillane for letting me come along to spend a quaint Saturday afternoon learning calligraphy and how to tie my own hand bouquet! No guys, I'm not getting married, but I've been wanting to do such a workshop for a while, so it was nice to have the opportunity to go for one!

It was a really fun and girly afternoon making new connections (hello Chen!) and reconnecting with old ones (hello Sipei and Jien!) and everything for the workshop was super thoughtfully prepared from the delightful tea spread to the coffee courtesy of Top Deck (which is just above Habitat Coffee!)

Anyway, I guess you get the most of experiences when you go into them alone - you don't have a safety net to hide behind and are forced out of your comfort zone to interact with people. I say this as an introvert (or an extroverted introvert as they like to call it on those Facebook articles?) who more often than not needs people to talk to her first, yet loves being around people at the same time... just not talking, haha.

But I've been practicing! Anyway, I felt really fulfilled walking home with my flowers and goodie bag in tow. Looking forward to seeing what else Med Kärlek has in store!