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Wild Butter Co Mornings

Posted on Thursday, May 19, 2016

Been enjoying these all-natural nut butters from Wild Butter Co to go with my breakfast which is set up by owner and fellow SMU graduate, Rafael! I have the Cookies and Cream and Cinnamon Maple flavours, but they come in other interesting concoctions such as Matcha and Earl Grey as well. To me, the Cinnamon Maple tastes like speculoos (yum???) So you can imagine it's this hard not to just eat them out of the jar straight.

If you love your spreads but have been looking for a healthier choice, the Wild Butter Co nut butters contain no hydrogenated oil and no added sugar. Rafael, makes them himself, so you can be sure that they are extra wholesome and free of added preservatives. You don't have to worry about them spoiling too soon as well as the nut butters can last up to 2 months unrefrigerated (the boyfriend has been churning through our jars at an alarming rate either way, haha).

I think one thing outstanding between these nut butters vs processed peanut butters is the very natural and nutty texture - if you love them chunky then these are definitely for you! So far I've had it with cereal and bread, but I'm also thinking of trying them with pancakes and yogurt too. There's something about them that makes me feel like getting creative and having a little fun to start the day.

Treat yo'self and place an order at Wild Butter Co. Deliveries are dispatched every Monday!