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Brunch at Rocket Coffeebar S49

Posted on Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Had a really fruitful trip to Bangkok with Janine last month - I think this is my fourth time ever in the city but there's always something to do and every vacation is a little different! This was by far the most chill in the sense that I only brought my camera out on the last day for our cafe trip, which I promise you is rare for me because I drag it every where with me normally, haha. It was kinda liberating to not have to take picture of everything, but of course I finally took it out with me because we were going to... Rocket Coffeebar!

So I swear I hardly see J9 in the day time other than shopping and cutting hair back in Singapore cause we are night bugs - but miraculously we managed to drag ourselves out of bed early-ish (around 11am) because we were worried it would be crowded. In actuality, it stayed pretty empty the whole time we were there - so no worries if you are coming in for a late lunch.

After the last few days of stuffing ourselves with mango sticky rice, coconut ice cream and tom yam seafood soup, it was quite refreshing to have a super clean, healthy, nordic breakfast. I had the Maiden's Breakfast Plate (370 Baht, or SGD14.60~), and I added on some wild mushrooms cause it didn't look super filling; and Janine had the Rocket Benedict (290 Baht, or SGD11.40~) which came with chorizo on a light brioche bun. Kinda envious because her eggs were hot - but I was trying to pick something different for once, kay. Fun fact: all the food on their brunch menu is gluten free! I'm not particular about my diet but just FYI if you're into that stuff.

Lastly, there are actually a few branches of Rocket Coffeebar in Bangkok, so make sure you come to the right one - which is at Sukhumvit Soi 49! Almost went to the one at Sathorn S12 which is not as pretty, true story.

Janine let me run around and have my fun taking photos of the place cause I'd been wanting to come here for quite a while (the space is sooo pretty, I mean you can see from the photos), so yay, another cafe off the bucket list!

Rocket Coffeebar S49
1/F, Grease building, Piman 49
Sukhumvit Soi 49
Bangkok, Thailand
Opening Hours: 7am – 9pm