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Luxe Sydney Triple Date! (And Sloth)

Posted on Sunday, September 25, 2016

The auntie in me always feels kind of shiok whenever I get to use all three 1-for-1 mains coupons in my Entertainer App because then at least the money I paid for it is kinda worth it, haha.

Anyway, was surprised that they even had 1-for-1 at Luxe Sydney because I've been wanting to go! Just nice, we had a brunch triple date (+ a single Sloth, hahahaha, or apparently where it would Me/Justin, it's Sloth/Sloth) which turned out to be a full day of cafe hopping, card game playing, Whampoa steamboat kind of excursion :'D Kinda regret not sleeping earlier the night before but somehow made it through with our tummies full and very exhausted! Felt like a tourist in my own country.

Anyway, Luxe Sydney - yes, very Australian with its waiters all laid-back cool in printed boxer shorts, light filled restaurant kinda casual dining feeling blah blah. Food wise... So-so. I had the Mushroom Lasagne (Justin always questions how I can not eat meat for my meal, but it's not cause I care about animals - I just really, R.E.A.L.L.Y. love mushrooms - true story!) but this time round, I actually didn't finish my meal, it was just not well seasoned or sizzling hot enough. Boooooo. The boys had their cool looking burgers and Jane's Chicken Avocado Salad thing looked really good though - wish I had some of that instead!

Anyway since then we've had another triple date, so that's how slow my blog posts are, but no one is keeping track... right?