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Posted on Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Just threw a party for The Ordinary Co last week, which everyone has been super kind to congratulate me about since most companies don't make it past the first year (and woah TOC is two!) but I guess to me it's gone past so quickly I'm not even sure how it happened - but it just did. Haha, ok I kid. A lot of work has gone in to starting and maintaining this business - and sometimes it feels like a long term relationship how at the start every thing is all exciting and growing, and now settling in past the "honeymoon" phase... what's next?

Anyway, this is the first proper event I've had to plan for TOC and honestly, it gave me so much headache but I was super glad when it was over and that the day went smoothly. From the bottom of my heart I am extra grateful to first of all, Justin, for supporting and dealing with my constant anxiety and stress throughout the month from all the planning because it did get pretty bad for a while. I know events always look all pretty and fun, and I have my fair share of attending them, but seriously - props to people who do this full time. I have my sisters for being solid walls to lean on when I needed help to come early to help set up everything and being my minions; and Kenneth of course for really going beyond what I expected of him - this guy is a seriously good friend whom I am glad to have made :)

Also, not forgetting every single damn special person who put the time aside on a Sunday afternoon to just show up, reschedule their flights / their own birthday plans to attend + bring extra gifts when they didn't have to and make one poor girl's month of anxious planning worth it. I seriously wish I could have invited all my sweetest customers down too who have taken any leap of faith to purchase from TOC and basically let this machine run, but honestly I felt so overwhelmed I couldn't deal with it on top of everything. I feel like every year I add on and level up, so... please give me until next year and thank you all for your support!! :'D

Also, special kudos to Classified Cafe for graciously taking the chance on TOC and hosting our event - the service staff were tip top, the canape menu and mini cheesecakes adorable (all halal!), and I love the extra details that went into making everything - if you're hosting a birthday party / event, I really, really would recommend this place.

The Ordinary Co started out as an distant dream, and every little person along the way has made it a reality. I always love my big brands and corporations, but I really appreciate those who support local because every little thing makes an even greater impact to the company (or just me, haha) so yeah. Another year over, another year ahead. I'm just taking things as they come.

Photography by Esther Yeo, Editing by Myself


Anonymous said...

Congrats on turning 2! Agree that it's never easy to plan an event but the birthday event here looks good!

May I know if TOC items are handmade or are they sourced from overseas? I just browsed thru the site as I wanna get some accessories but I think I saw similar ones from taobao before.

Monica Anne Lie said...

HAHA are you trying to ask me for my supply chain??? :'D You know this is an impossible question and no one can give you the answer, dear. Thanks for the congratulations though, and if you wish to support the brand of course I would ask you to buy from TOC :)