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Female / Nuyou Catwalk with NARS

Posted on Monday, October 24, 2016

The Ordinary Co Lariat | Charles & Keith Heels | Cmeo Collective Pants

Excited to be heading to Singapore Fashion Week this coming week, so I figured it was about time I put up this post from the Female / Nüyou Catwalk for the DKNY Spring/Summer '16 collection showcase earlier this year which I've been sitting on (heh). Anyway, got invites thanks once again to lovely Celeste, as NARS was the official make-up sponsor! Still loving the no make-up make up look created that night - flawless, dewy skin; bronzed cheeks; and nude lips is basically how I try to look every day (but theirs was like way higher level, sob).

Can't resist a night to dress up and hang with my girls, although that said while I love going for events, though that said, I've been increasingly been searching for the time to get to know people better in a more intimate setting, like brunch or tea. While it's nice to have the opportunity and convenience to bump into and catch up with familiar faces, it's not a replacement for deeper connections - it's kind of like social media I guess. We've whittled down our social interactions to using Likes to support and remind friends that we are still in their lives, which is great, convenient and lets us connect with more people in what little time we have; but it will never be able to replace the deep, meaningful conversations which can only be done in real life. Some things just can't be said through the screen, you know?

It's funny, for the more into social media I get, the less scared I am of asking people out, because of the reasons above I suppose. But haha, don't get me wrong. I still love events too - I guess life is a little bit of a mixed bag of nuts - that's what makes it fun!