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Jemimah's Boozy Painting Party with Cointreau

Posted on Friday, October 14, 2016

So Jemimah invited us all down to The Rabbit Hole at the White Rabbit last month for a Boozy Painting / Art Jamming / 24th Birthday Party in collaboration with Cointreau Singapore! Pretty cocktails, an amazing space, making new connections and unlocking our creative talent (ahem) - couldn't have asked for a more enriching day! Here's what happened...

Came early so I helped myself to a drink (or two) to the bar where they were serving these super gorgeous, free-flow Cointreau Fizzes!

Said birthday girl giving us a speech <3

After everyone floated in, Damien from Amien Creatives gave us a demonstration on how to begin our art jamming! I've always romanticised painting on an easel like they do in the movies, so it was pretty awesome to have the chance to try it out courtesy of Naiise, which has tons of other workshops available besides painting, such as brush lettering, terranium building or leather craft. Who says Singapore doesn't have things to do??

Picked up my palette, acrylic paint and paintbrushes and set about work! 

Damien showed us that how to roughly doodle the set up (which you can see above) with super simple circles and squares to just get an idea of where the items are placed before you start painting. Kind of a relief because I cannot draw to save my life and haven't painted from scratch since... Primary school?? :'D

Progress! After a few messy long strokes I eventually found it easier to just dab the paint on. Apparently this style is called "impressionism", used by painters such as Van Gogh - cool beans :D

Then the food rolled out and we ate, painted and drank some more! By the way the lobster bisque was AMAZING. So thick and creamy with a huge surprise lobster at the bottom. I regret not eating more, I really do.

Tadah!! Finished in about 1.5-2 hours, and even got a bit lazy towards the end doing the background - you can see I missed out the yellow patch on my leaf, haha. But I would have to say that acrylic is a very forgiving medium if you're new to painting because if you make a mistake, you can literally paint and blend right over since it's so thick.

"Buy dis from meeee..."

Went around spying on what other people were doing - it's so interesting how everyone has different styles and interpretations of the exact same set up of flowers. Mong's was super bright and colourful, and Bel's, Jemimah's were all pastel-esque... Mine was earthy?

How often does one get to attend such a chi chi afternoon painting session, really?? Also feel super proud of myself for discovering my new ability to paint, k.

Big thanks Jemimah & Cointreau for the invite once again!!!