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Skin Inc's Launch in Scotts Square

Posted on Friday, October 7, 2016

Hey guys, so Skin Inc is by far one of my favourite skin care brands because of how fuss-free and perfectly customised it is to my skin concerns. Skin Inc's My Daily Dose Serum Cocktail allows you to mix and match three different serum concoctions into a single bottle, and addresses multiple skin conditions in a single step! Perfect for busy ladies like me who are always rushing somewhere!

Anyway, I popped by their newly opened (and first of it's kind!) Facial-in-a-Flash Skin Bar at Scotts Square to celebrate it's opening + the launch of a brand new serum to add to their repertoire - the Vitamin B3+ (Niacinamide)!

Got an ultra quick and speedy Facial In A Flash - it is the perfect pit stop for working ladies/gents to enjoy a quick and fully customised facial in town, which takes just 20 minutes! Whattt.

The Skin Bar at Scotts Square is the first of its kind in the world and the results are instantaneous - I got to try a bit of it during the event day, but fortunately I got to come back to the store recently to try the full experience, which I will write about in greater detail in another post!

Thanks Sonia for coming with me! We could only drop by the event for a while, before rushing off, but the food looked seriously good, sob T.T

About the brand new Vitamin B3+ (Niacinamide) Custom Serum Dose! 

I've retaken my Skin Identity test and worked this into my new My Daily Dose skincare - so glad it addresses more needs such as enlarged pores and blemishes. Ever since I've started wearing make up more regularly, I've started getting more pimples and my face has been oilier - which I've almost never had to deal with in my life. The Vitamin B3+ is essentially an emergency solution to these issues without having to go to a dermatologist!

As the 10th serum in the range of custom serum blends, you can now make up to a whopping 120 different cocktails to suit what your skin needs. (120 cause 10C3 - anyone else remember their JC math? Haha.)

But anyway, how cool is that?? At the moment, mine are French Pine Bark, Vitamin A and now the Vitamin B3+! Drop me a comment if you did the Skin Identity test and what your results are, I'd love to know!

All 10 serums lined up - soooo pretty. This is just for display if you get your My Daily Dose mixed for you at the shop - if not it comes in the pretty glass bottles!

Anyway, kudos to the Adjectif team for the amazing press kit from the event - they've really outdone themselves this time!

I truly love how simple my skin care routine is and highly recommend Skin Inc to all my friends because of how ground breaking and perfect it is for people who are confused by all the many layers of skin care there is out there and just want a simple solution!

The new Vitamin B3+ (Niacinamide) Custom Serum retails at S$68.00 (including GST) for a 10ml bottle.

It's available at the Skin Inc Concept store in ION, Scotts Square, or Sephora!