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Oo La Lab - Chemistry of Oo Workshop

Posted on Thursday, November 3, 2016

Went for one of the most unique and conceptualised workshops last week to make my own perfume with Oo La Lab! Founded by Terry Jacobson, who hails from South Africa but has spent his life living all over the world, Oo La Lab is a personal passion project in which you as a customer are able to walk into his shop and create their own bespoke scent wardrobe.

I love how the whole concept of the shop / workshop is crafted around Chemistry. The above diagram ("Oo Fragrance Table") is a cheeky play on the Periodic Table, but actually encapsulates all the available scent profiles for us to play with that day (which were laid out neatly in the brown bottles you see!)

All the scents with high notes were at the top of the table, followed by the mid-notes in the middle and so on - so there was structure to it, rather than just being visually pleasing.

Terry explained to us how all perfumes should have a mix of high, mid and low notes, and we each had a handy "worksheet" that we could use to test out each fragrance, then tick the boxes if (a) we wanted to use the scent and (b) how many drops we used to create our perfume!

There were so many smells it got quite overwhelming! Luckily there was a mini beaker of coffee beans for us to sniff in between to "clear" our senses (another trick is to smell an unscented part of your own skin!) We each had two tries to mix together a sample of 20 drops (10 low notes, 5 mid notes, 5 high notes) into our mini vials. Sujin said she basically created the same perfume she has at home, HAHA. Guess her sense of smell is quite keen!

And look how deep in concentration Kenny is "to find his concentration" (direct quote from him, k).

Once we tested out the 20 drops, we applied a ratio in which 1 drop = 1ml of the perfume, and filled up our little bottles! (Yes, we had an actual measuring tube and I remembered that the bottom of the meniscus must touch the line!)

Vacuum sealed my bottle with those cool machines, attached the nozzle, pasted the sticker, and.. Voila! Easy peasy! If you are interested to know what scents I used, you can look at the first picture at the top of this post!

Also, apparently after 2 weeks the scent may mature and change a bit in the bottle, which I am kind of hoping for because I think my ability to mix smells is atrocious HAHA. Kind of not what I was hoping for, but ok, it was fun!

Got to bring home our own diffusers as well - mine was "Floral Green Aldehyde". Love how on brand the packaging is!

The workshops are not open publicly yet, and this was just a media preview prior to Singapore Fashion Week to try our hands at making our own perfumes. The Oo La Lab Instagram has mentioned that they may have more workshops coming up, so do give them a follow to stay up to date!

Likewise, if you go to the Oo La Lab physical shop, you can create your own perfume from scratch too! (Prices start from S$48.00)

Oo La Lab
Commune Home
Millenia Walk
Level 2, Unit 52

Thanks Rennie from Mercury for inviting me!