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Armour for Your Skin

Posted on Friday, December 30, 2016

I always feel like the luckiest girl whenever Skin Inc sends me stuff, this time in the form of their latest offering, the Pure Recovery Dew, which will be officially launching on 5th January 2017!

So far I've been using this as a priming moisturiser during Christmas before I put on make-up because of it's super lightweight gel-to-dew formula which absorbs super quick and is my preferred moisturiser in the day time since I am always in a rush (I struggle with perpetual lateness, it is true). I do sometimes use it at the end of the day to treat myself, cause TBH I kinda like the onsen smell now (yes, there is actual Japanese onsen water in this from a hot spring called the "Izumo Yumura", which apparently is the world's most revered hot spring. Dayum.)

Anyway, the hot spring is known for healing wounds, smoothing and calming irritated skin with redness and blemishes. Combined with hyaluronic water (which is important for moisturising), it's supposed to give my skin a nice finish as well by reducing lines and pores, hence perfect for pre-make up ritual to act as a barrier against against the sun and pollution.

But ok guys, really on a more serious note, I've been getting more and more moles and it's no joke. Do note that this product has no SPF, so remember to still put on your sunblock first!! Then this - you can even blend it with the Custom Daily Dose for the ultimate skin primer.

It's kinda awesome to begin your make up routine knowing you are protected!

The Skin Inc Pure Recovery Dew retails at SGD72.00 at the Skin Inc Concept Stores, Online Stores, Sephora and Zalora.