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Singapore Fashion Week 2016 - Day Two

Posted on Saturday, December 3, 2016

Day Two of Singapore Fashion Week! Brought the big sister along who was super excited about it - I think I started my obsession with fashion and shopping thanks to her, haha. We went in between two shows, Hardy Hardy, a subset of Ed Hardy which was fun albeit a bit rock and rolla for me (though the models were gorgeousss); and Sheranut, a Thai designer I really fell in love with!

While we were waiting for the show to start, the music was kind of funny - just birds squawking and elephants trumpeting, but I love how once the show started it made sense. The clothes drew safari references without being too literal, at the same time being very fashion forward and modern (Velvet? Fringe? Check!)

Everything was carefully coordinated to suit this vision, from the headdresses to the tribal makeup. Best part - after the show finished, the models actually stood still like statues on the runway for us audience to actually stand up and get the chance for an up close, detailed look. It's quite genius move as well (instead of just ending the show with the models backstage) because it generated a bit of hype and opportunity to get a better picture for Instagram (or my blog, muahaha), as well as to really appreciate the intense detail in the clothes. It also occurred to me that the models were standing there for people to observe, kind of like a safari once again, and super in theme. I had so much fun shooting  it all. Sometimes taking photos alone gives me a bit of a giddy high, does anyone know how I feel?

Once again a big thanks to NARS for the invites! (And sorry my posts are so slow, Christmas is crazy!)