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Boracay Visual Diary

Posted on Tuesday, February 28, 2017

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Took a much needed holiday with Justin back in November to Boracay. Why Boracay? I'm not really sure either, to be honest - there are so many potential island vacation destinations in the vicinity of Singapore but somehow we ended up here because I've heard of it enough to peak my curiosity.

The beaches are pretty crowded, and while I understand the draw of white sand beaches to westerners, I guess we take the soft sand for granted since we see it all the time - but the ocean was something else. I don't really island holiday that much, so I was intrigued by how the entire ocean shifts colour according to the day, as if it were an actual living breathing thing with a temperament. From a pale ice blue in the the early morning to a bright azure in the afternoon and subsequently a rich navy as the sun sets.

It was also fascinating how far one can walk out into the ocean and the water only ever grazes your knees - it felt almost surreal as I sat on the beach and watched Justin walk out, to the point where I almost thought he could just keep walking on forever, but he came back to me (phew).

Sometimes I take so many photos on vacation that I need to take a vacation from my photos, haha. I'll put another post up about our hotel stay at Coast, Boracay soon cause we really loved it.