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Beauty is Found Within

Posted on Sunday, March 26, 2017

Just watched Beauty and the Beast last weekend! You know a movie is good when you know what happens in the end but it still gives you chills anyway. A big thanks to Skin Inc for hyping the whole experience up for me a week prior to the movie by sending over their Limited Edition Disney Beauty and the Beast Get Glowin' kit (the first ombre Daily Dose bottle with a rose gold charm!) as well as pampering us to a private screening - so much feels. Justin and I skipped going for our annual Gold Class movie during our anniversary this year because we didn't have time (it's like our thing), so it's really nice to get the chance to do it in the end! Guess things just always work out?

Anyway, I just rewatched the cartoon version but I kind of feel like I like the live action one more because it's a bit more modern and some of the loopholes from the cartoon were answered, what about you guys?

The Skin Inc Limited Edition Disney Beauty and the Beast Kit (30ml) retails at S$169.00 and contains the Vitamin A, Chlorella and Hyaluronic Acid serums so that skin glows from within. While stocks last