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Coast, Boracay

Posted on Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Justin and I pretty thorough and careful when it comes to researching accommodations when traveling, however this time we went against our norm of choosing established places with plenty of reviews and instead, booked our stay at Coast, Boracay which had only been open for 4-5 months or so prior to our visit back in November.

The few reviews it had were stellar, and it looked bright, airy and modern compared to the other dated looking accommodations on the island, so we figured... why not?

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We weren't disappointed and loved our stay. The benefits of staying in a new hotel is that everything is super new and clean. The staff were plentiful enthusiastic and extremely proactive in saying hi and asking if we needed help. Justin loved chatting with the security guard at the door, and he told us how the hotel pays them much more than other hotels (the increment of which is not a lot of money for Singapore standards, but significant to the locals, which is great)!

We were spoilt for choice during breakfast, and the hotel exited straight onto the beach (not all hotels in Boracay do - look out for it when booking!) I would say the only mini problems we had were that the wifi wasn't the fastest and the hot water was sporadic to say the least. That said, I loved how our hotel had this super cool palm springs motel feel to it, and the fact that it wasn't overly crowded compared to the resort next door (ahem, Henann). I would definitely recommend staying here - just rolling up to the lobby alone when we first arrived was breathtaking in all it's high-ceilinged airiness and chill vibes.

Anyway, we loved splashing around in the resort pools a lot, which were empty so we didn't have to fight for space; spent a lot of time watching Planet Earth / The Crown in our room (don't ask); hunted the best Filipino food Boracay has to offer - the best places to me were seafood at the D'Talipapa market and Mang Inasal which is like a fast food chain selling grilled chicken - we had to go back on three different occasions to even get a seat there! Also: feasted on calamansi muffins, watched sunsets, and squishy sand walks along the beach at night.

So yeah, I don't know what else one can ask for a holiday!

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