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Posted on Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Visited Fynn's for casual Australian food over at the South Beach based on Hilary's recommendation (I didn't know they had an entire street filled with restaurants at the hotel basement!) This girl knows so many things about the Instagram world it was fun to pick her brains and learn more . Anyway it was hard to choose just one item off their menu but I settled on the Seared Salmon Filet (S$24.00++) with citrus quinoa, beetroot, cucumber and feta. I feel like the pictures don't do the plate justice because it was seriously pretty - the quinoa actually has hints of pink which complemented the salmon and radishes. The skin of the salmon was grilled crispy and the quinoa zesty. The portion could have been a bit more filling - but I feel like I never really get full on quinoa unless I eat a LOT.

Hilary had the Grilled Chicken (S$19.50) with wild rice, edamame, snow peas, egg and pickled vegetables which looked nice and much more substantial than my dish, tried a little chicken but it was quite a while ago so I can't really remember, haha oops. Anyway on their lunch menu they have other delicious sounding dishes like the Charred Lamb Loins and Smoked Duck Breast so it may be worth going back again to try the rest of what they have to offer!

26 Beach Road
South Beach Avenue
Singapore 189768