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H&M Conscious Exclusive 2017

Posted on Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Popped by the H&M store in town for a  little media preview of this year's Conscious Exclusive collection! For the uninitiated, H&M launches a collection made entirely of sustainable materials every year, and this is a their sixth iteration of their pledge to move towards a sustainable future (by 2020, H&M aims for 100% of its cotton to be sustainably sourced!)

I always love a bit of yellow, and the brocade one I'm wearing is made of sustainable fabric, just as the entire collection is. Fun fact, there is a difference between sustainable and recycled fabrics - sustainable fabrics are still fresh materials (e.g. cotton) but are from responsible sources that for example, use less pesticides and chemical fertilisers; while recycled fabrics are from fabrics that have already been made, and can be anything from old clothes to even fishing nets! So I guess in fact the dress Charlene is wearing is a form of upcycling since it wasn't even made from old fabrics but from Bionic Yarn, a polyester made of plastic bottles from the shoreline! It's kind of apropos because the dress has this dreamy jellyfish like quality, doesn't it?

Anyway, the H&M Conscious Exclusive 2017 collection has launched already in their flagship store here in Singapore! They have plenty of wearable, everyday pieces besides these red carpet numbers so it's worth a visit. Thanks Mercury for the invite once again!