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Ola Beach Club

Posted on Sunday, April 2, 2017

Popped down to the media preview of Ola Beach Club with Sujin (❤) and I think it was one of the best events I've attended in a while in terms of organisation and programme (which is saying a lot because I do think I attend quite a few). Also it was funny, but it's my first time seeing kids at an event. Like, actual children. But I guess that kind of put into perspective what kind of beach club it is - family friendly!

Ola Beach Club offers a variety of water sports activities like banana boating, paddle boarding and those water-propelled jetpack things (a first in Singapore!) which they had a demonstration to with extra campy music which was kind of fun cause they did backflips and stuff - something I watch and appreciate but would never do myself, haha.

Next up they had an actual Hawaiian Luau performance, as the entire theme of the club is Hawaiian-themed ("Ola" means "life" in Hawaiian!) I don't know much about the Hawaiian culture other than Poke bowls and the twisted tourist version of Hawaii they always show on those US television shows, so it was really eye opening to see this performance. I loved the chanting, the dancing and the outfits, how their grass skirts were peeping out from their red dresses, and how it was so haunting and soulful. So gorgeous - I literally felt like I was actually in Hawaii. Wow. 

The club and set up itself was lovely, I can imagine someone having a beach wedding here with the long white tables, dreamy fairy lights and cool ocean breeze. Sadly the rain started to come in so we couldn't have our dinner outside, but I was super impressed how they had already quietly and quickly moved everything to the second floor of the club which is indoors before the rain even started. Dinner itself was Hawaiian themed fare - their prawns were exceptional, and Sujin and I also helped ourselves to some complementary Hawaiian cocktails as well. The cocktails in the club have cute names like the Uliuli Tiki which means "dark colour" and the Melemele Tiki.

Going to Hawaii has always been on my list, but after this experience I think it's risen quite a few spots. Or having a beach wedding. Or something. It really was an inspiring and chill day!

46 Siloso Beach Walk
Singapore 099005

Opening Hours:
Mon –Fri: 10am-10pm | Sat & Sun: 9am-10pm

Mon –Sun: 10am-7pm