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Sprout Salad Bar

Posted on Tuesday, April 11, 2017

I don't know why more people post about this place on the 'gram but I am crazy about Sprout Salad Bar's interiors - I mean, that blue velvet couch alone is just iconic. And to top it off, the mosaic floors, too-cool fluorescent words on the wall ("we covet what we see") and gentle light filtering through the air well are such a clean and refreshing palette to match the food offerings here, which lean towards the super healthy (could you guess from the cafe name?)

ASOS Leather Mules | ASOS Boater Hat

There were a fair share of those office ladies in their yoga clothes coming in to grab a grain bowl, of which you can either make your own or choose from their pre-conceived options. I figured that since making your own bowl was the same price (or cheaper) that I may as well pay to have all the ingredients that I actually like. You can either go for the S$15.90 option which consists of a base (quinoa, rocket salad, those kinda things) + 4 toppings; or S$19.90 for a base + 4 toppings + protein. I need my proteins so I went with the latter!

For the proteins, there were options other than the sashimi-grade salmon such as chicken breast and sirloin strips; while for the toppings, I was pleasantly surprised that avocados were one of the 21 available options without any extra cost!! Not to mention, they were ultra generous with the serving size. I also got both portobello and shitake mushrooms (if you've been reading this blog long enough, you know how much I love mushrooms), and edamame. You also get to choose a sauce but I forgot what mine was, think it was yuzu? Or honey balsamic. Whichever, haha.

Anyway, I was a little distracted eating my meal since I was talking to Andrea (@fleurandrea), who was visiting from the UK the whole time (come back soon please!!!) - super blessed to have met her as a friend and I feel like I talk to her more than some of my friends in Singapore, haha. It's like she said, it's not about the country you're in but the effort you put into a relationship. I'm terrified about the idea of how the older we get the less friends we have, but I always believe that you can create free time for people in your life, it's just a matter of priorities and taking the time out - so when you find someone who feels the same way as you, it's a huge relief and my heart feels just a little warmer!

Also, honored to do a little interview with her on life as a girl boss over on her blog, you can check it out here :)

Photos by myself and Andrea Cheong