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A Mask-Have Staycation with Skin Inc

Posted on Thursday, May 18, 2017

Got pampered to a staycation thanks to Skin Inc for the product launch of their new Facial-in-a-Flash Mask! I try not to use the word #Blessed a lot but I seriously felt that way post staycay, so I shall make an exception this time and say YES I FEEL SO BLESSED :D

Checked into Oakwood Studios (which just opened in March this year) for a little presentation and demonstration of the new masks, had champagne + a chill bouquet making session with Kiki Woods Florist and got a little time after to chill in our gorgeous rooms! I kinda dig how there is a vase in our apartment's kitchen so the peonies and lilies I selected could sit pretty for the rest of my stay, which also included having some guests come over at night (who devoured the snacks provided, ahem).

I used to be scared to show up for events alone but these days it's actually pretty chill because I feel you're more opening to speaking to new people which used to be something out of my comfort zone. It was nice to make new connections, particularly Rei (who was in the room just down the hall) and Cee!

So more about the Facial-in-a-Flask Masks! Firstly, the packaging already looks amazing and come in 3 different metallic colours - Black Gold (to calm and detox skin), Platinum (for brightening and radiance) and Rose Gold (for anti-aging and lifting). Each mask is enhanced with actual pure gold to boost the effects of potential antioxidants; and their USP is that when you purchase one mask at SGD17.00, and it comes in two halves: the top and the bottom.

Alternatively, you can purchase a pack of 3 masks (i.e. 3 tops, 3 bottoms) for SGD48.00 instead, which you can then mix and match the different colours for different skin concerns. For myself I tried on the Platinum for the top half of my face, and the Black Gold for the bottom half, cause #issues ok. Texture wise, it's a gel that kind of feels like... skin. But so much more premium than the usual face masks you buy in Korea! The masks together with the Optimizer Voyage Light to boost absorption (which by the way I freaking love my Optimizer Voyage Blue Light, it saved me from a disaster pimple scar last month). Use it on your face for 10-20 minutes and just... enjoy!

Question: Can I repeat this day all over again?