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Pave The Way Food Trail with Jaguar Land Rover

Posted on Sunday, May 21, 2017

Another busy but fulfilling day tagging along for Jaguar Land Rover's Pave The Way Food Trail with 20 something strangers which is totally not daunting at all, haa! It's in collaboration with Singapore Fashion Week, and we were set to follow Ken Yuktasevi (co-founder of Grain Traders), along for his favourite food spots in Singapore.

Our first stop was -you guessed it - Grain Traders! I actually ate here on my own about a month ago, but it I have nothing against eating at the same place twice because then I get to try the options on the menu! Our orders were taken a few days before, so everything was served with cute wooden pegs with our names. After trying everything, I think the most outstanding topping to me is the Charred Furikake Corn (not pictured) - must order if you come!

Anyway, I tried to not eat all the carbs since we had two more stops to go but as you can see, I almost wiped my plate clean!

That's Cordelia above, she's one of the designated drivers for the day - we were all offered the chance to drive the Land / Range Rovers but I haven't driven since I got my Driver's License 8 whole years ago so I decided I wasn't going to risk it, especially not with such expensive cars, haa!

Anddd off we went in our rides for the day!

Car buddies Qiao Er and Rennie - ours was a Land Rover Discovery, but so jelly of the girls who got the Range Rover Evoque Convertible (the orange one)! How often does one get to drive around top down in Singapore?

Next stop - Camp Kilo! We were concerned because it was still drizzling, but everything was already pre-planned with fairy lights and long table - kind of those gorgeous outdoor set-ups you see on Pinterest boards that you can never do in Singapore... but this was right there in front of us! So cosy.

This is Ken, the man of the day, giving us a(nother) speech!

Out came a feast - as if we didn't already have a full meal just now - and everyone goes crazy with their phones! We had two whole roast pigs, ribs, roast pork, garlic prawns (the best!), grilled corn, corn bread (another favourite of mine), roasted brussel sprouts... Somehow, we found space to eat half of it, and subsequently dabao the other half to bring home as they kindly provided us with boxes (which I had for supper with Justin later)!

Haha and guess what, I've been to Sprmrkt before too!! Here's a review I did - once again, a much different experience since we were there to try their Dessert Bar - what a spread! Honestly I was so stuffed from being re-stuffed earlier that I couldn't eat much already. Somehow, I still found space for the champagne, heh.

Big thanks to Jaguar Land Rover, and of course Mercury for the invite! What a day!