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Sakura Season

Posted on Tuesday, May 16, 2017

How many pictures of flowers can one take?

I was feeling gross and under the weather just before meeting Sujin and Ryan for our double date to see to Gardens by the Bay, but there's nothing quite like walking around and literally stopping to smell the flowers to make one forget about any health impediments! I've been to Tokyo and Korea before but missed the Cherry Blossom season, so I'm glad we got to absorb some semblance of Spring here in Singapore by checking out the Sakura exhibit at the Flower Dome out - it was indeed the full experience - crowds included, haha.

Fun tourist tip: Buy and print your tickets online before coming down so that you don't have to queue up at the ticket booth outside (it was $12.00 for Singaporeans to just the Flower Dome)! Hence, we breezed past the insanely long line outside the dome cause ain't nobody got time for that. Though, haha, oops there were even more queues to the exhibit inside that no amount of pre-planning could skip, so we still had to do some form of lining up in the end anyway :'D

We unilaterally agreed our favourite was the white Sakuras (there are so many varieties and they all smell faintly like almonds!), took plenty of pictures because after a while they all look the same, and despite the people sea, I think the crowd was very well managed by the security guards (cause this is Singapore, duh).

I admit that I got so caught up, a few days later I bough sakura buns to eat for the first time. I've never eaten anything sakura flavoured before, #fact. Yes, almond taste / smell was there.

Till next year!