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The Greenhouse @ Nosh

Posted on Monday, May 1, 2017

Found ourselves in the garden oasis of Nosh for a little date night and to try their newly launched dinner menu! I've been to their sister cafe right downstairs at Noshery-at-Nosh before (check out my post here) which is ever so Instagram worthy, but The Greenhouse which we dined at is just as gorgeous, especially if you feel like dining surrounded by nature and lush greenery!

If you're worried about dining outdoors, there were plenty of mosquito coils - not a single mozzie bite throughout the whole dinner! Our table had our own dedicated fan, and once the night fell it was honestly quite cooling. The roof is retractable as well, which they closed halfway through dinner because it looked like it was going to rain (it didn't, phew).

Complementary amuse bouche in the form of pineapple gazspacho!

We ordered a lot of starters and only one main because we wanted to try a wider variety of items. My absolute favourite was (of course) the Moroccan Lamb ($16.00++) - made with the spare ribs, it was crusted to perfection with a pomegranate glaze and pistachio dukkah (an Egyptian spice mix) and not to mention fall-off-the-bone kind of tender! I admit - I swiped two ribs to Justin's one, hehe.

Not really a starter but listed as a side. The Brussel Sprouts ($6.00++) honestly could have passed as a starter themselves as the portion was very generous! I love it when brussel sprouts are done like this - caramelised in an onion bacon jam so it has that little burnt taste but are ultra packed with flavour. Yum!

Second favourite dish of the night! The Iberico Jowl ($17.00++) was tender, sweet and sticky - covered in a kimchi apple / scallion / stout glaze. You wouldn't expect such melt in your mouth goodness it for a less popular cut of meat, but now I am all for jowls and why don't more restaurants serve it??? (Kidding, it's a rhetorical question - jowls can get very tough if cooked wrong - this was definitely cooked well!) This dish is apparently super popular amongst other diners as well, so I'd put this under a must order if you come here!

I'm mad about my eggplants and all kinds of moroccan / middle eastern flavours so the Spiced Eggplant ($10.00++) found its way onto our dining table. The flavours were indeed strong, mixed with labneh, za'atar and mint and this served as our veggies for the night, ok. It also came with a few crispy crostinis for us to scoop the eggplant up for more fun eating!

Our main! The Grilled Pork Rack ($32.00++) was sadly not my favourite because the pork was not pink in the middle like how I like it :( However, it looked stunning though when it landed on our table with its chipotle apricot glaze! Justin swept all the quinoa finish before I could get round to it (I swear I only had one spoon? Wouldn't have minded more!) so this was his dish, really. Sometimes dining with boys = having to eat faster, haha.

Can't resist a Soft Shell Crab ($18.00++)! This one was covered in red coconut curry - crispy outside, and juicy on the inside. You know that awesome feeling when you bite into the crab and it bursts out a briny sea taste? Yep. I kept joking with Justin that the rice was insects because they're popped wild rice and hence more crispy and the poor boy thought about it so much that he didn't dare eat more :'D

The Greenhouse looks great at night too once the fairy lights came on around 7pm. Quite a number of diners floated in despite it being a weekday evening, which gave the place a nice, chill buzz. We had lots of fun relaxing and chit chatting over our food. Time spent together is so precious now, so thanks Nosh for the opportunity to drag this boy out on a date!

The Greenhouse @ Nosh
9 Rochester Park, Singapore 139220
Dinner Hours: Wednesday - Sunday, 6pm - 10.30pm