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A NARS Summer at One Night Only

Posted on Thursday, June 15, 2017

I think Celeste and team outdid themselves this time for the 2017 NARS Summer Launch! Popped down for brunch at the trendy American diner-esque One Night Only with dear Mong and we were just blown away by the whole set up, which was inspired by the shade of their famous Orgasm blush (lots of photos ahead! I promise I edited down already - the space was just too gorgeous).


Everything was so perfect down to the textured pink napkins and pink plates I could cry. Mong and I just kept exclaiming and running around taking pictures and trying out the new products for a good half hour before we finally got round to ordering food.

Just in case you were thinking of taking a trip down and get a little surprise, the tables were covered in Orgasm pink for the day because of a stick-on laminate, so it was literally there for One Night Only (or One Day Only? hahaha). The tables are actually glass underneath on normal days!

Off to check out the new Summer 2017 launches!

This was the first set I laid my eyes on but it was LOVE. This here is their famous Orgasm shade done 3 different ways - in a shiny satiny lipstick, a sheer liquid blush (the bottle is matte glass ahh) and of course the classic powder with a little case update in pink just for the summer. We got to take these home in those precious golden boxes laid out for us. I am most excited about the Liquid Blush because it's so subtle - I tried it on along with the lipstick and the powder blush as eyeshadow since they had a little make-over counter for us, here it is!

Next up, their new Bronzing collection, 4 classic shades now in matte - Laguna, Casino, Seaside and Falaises! I'm all for a matte, bronzed look these days, so this is right up my alley (I always, always contour when I wear make-up). The chevron textured surface is so gorgeous I think I just won't use mine and stare at it forever instead.

Ok after seeing this palette I was like "nevermind everything else, I WANT THIS". I think everyone felt the same because I heard a few other girls echoing the same sentiment. I think every girl is a sucker for a good palette with both a bronzer and a highlighter, it just makes life easier, you know? This one's only launching in July 2017 (everything else is available in stores!)

Also, there's one more set but I kind of forgot to take pictures, whoops. But these 3 are my favourites anyway!

When you eat so much you fall asleep.

Eventually we stopped running all over the place and settled down to eat! There were 3 options on the menu but somehow everyone at our table ended up opting for the Breakfast Platter which came with hashbrowns, eggs done your way, toast, and bacon or portobello mushrooms. Honestly we couldn't choose between either so we asked if we could have both, and the restaurant staff kindly acceded to our greedy requests!

I feel that as a woman it's really important to not be shy and ask for things - a lot of us feel like it's hard to assert yourself and get what you want while still being liked, but a smile goes a long way, and just having the courage because the worse they could just say anyway is "no". Anyway it's funny because we literally talked about everything from gender equality, to racism in Singapore and LGBT rights while eating and when I told Justin afterwards he said "kinda heavy topics for brunch, no?" but haha, we did it!

Thanks NARS for yet another lovely escape into their surreal world!