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Crafting with Clay

Posted on Thursday, June 22, 2017

Got my hands a little dirty with Samantha at the launch of the Fresh Umbrian Clay Mask collab with Rometti; and what more appropriate way to celebrate it than at pottery studio, Mud Rock Ceramics? The space was all light earthy tones, and I seriously love the way the Fresh team did up the shelves, weaving in the pottery, tools and packaging together - almost felt like we were transported to Italy, which is where Umbrian Clay is from!

I've always wanted to try throwing my own pots like they do in the movies, and I've always know it isn't as easy at it looks but damn it REALLY is not as easy as it looks. I basically have zero natural talent and wouldn't have a bowl left if not for the instructors helping me - but if that makes you worried about trying a class in throwing your own pot, I think I was an odd case because everyone else seemed to be doing respectably fine on their own!

(*cries inwardly*)

Anyway, more about the mask! I tried it on and found it to be a lot lighter and smoother than clay masks I have used from other brands - this also means it dries faster (5-10mins instead of my usual 20mins). I didn't have any irritation afterwards, but I did make sure to put on some moisturiser after because clay masks can be very drying - in fact, if you leave them on for too long it's actually bad for your skin, so wait till the mask is dry but not stiff before removing. I personally love my clay masks when it comes to removing pimple scars, I sometimes even use them on just the spot alone when I'm lazy to do my whole face. Is that recommended? I don't know :'D

For a limited time, the Fresh Umbrian Clay Mask comes in the special packaging designed by Rometti and retails at S$95.00.