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Gaston Luga

Posted on Monday, June 12, 2017

I was just thinking of buying a backpack and a laptop bag but lucked out when Gaston Luga contacted me to give me a two-in-one solution with their lovely range of leather and canvas laptop bags that are way prettier than the average techy-backpack options there are out there. Mine's called the Clässy, which was the first one that caught my eye the moment I checked out their site, and in black of course because I like my stuff sleek and simple.

This backpack looks great with all my outfits, so I no longer have to drag an extra laptop case around on top of my handbag which I was doing before. There's a little hidden pocket at the back for you to put your passport when traveling, but call my paranoid because I wouldn't really bring this one out of Singapore because I think the front flap is too easily opened (it's magnetic). But of course for daily work stuff, it's perfect and fits just about everything I need: my chargers, headphones, wallet, wacom tablet, water bottle and of course my 13" Macbook Pro. I also managed to pack for a one day staycay in this bag alone (with my laptop), so I was pretty pleased with that too (though disclaimer, I think I am a pretty light traveler).

I know it would ruin the sleekness of the design but sometimes I wish my backpack had front pockets to access smaller items more easily. The Clässy has two small pockets inside the bag but they are quite narrow (i.e. I can at most stick some lipsticks / my handphone inside but nothing else) so it's a bit of a chore to dig pretty hard to reach the stuff at the bottom of the bag. I usually just put things I don't use much like the laptop charger at the bottom so that I only have need to reach it when I am settled somewhere and can unpack everything!

Also, I initially felt that the shoulder straps could be more padded since my laptop is some heavy shit heavy, but in general since I don't carry it for long periods of time, I find that it's generally not too much of a problem when using it locally since I just head straight in to work.

Overall, I love this bag despite some of it's mini shortcomings. I love how I can stick everything I need in when I head out to co-work and I have my hands free. I love that despite being a laptop bag it looks so modern and trendy. I would not say the Clässy is the best for going overseas, but definitely I think it's their most versatile and feminine option for us ladies to bring to work / school! Definitely check out their other designs on their site which I think are more travel friendly.

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