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Brunch at Artichoke

Posted on Monday, July 10, 2017

Justin and I have been to Artichoke so many times for our first 3 years of anniversary dinner so I've kind of been missing it + never had brunch at it so since the responsibility of choosing a brunch location fell to me I figured it would be nice to pay a little once again with these guys! For a late-ish weekend brunch option, the restaurant was really empty - so if you're not into squeezing with the crowds, this is the place to go! Food was good, between the 6 of us we all accidentally had the same 3 variants of food dishes (lol!) - we had the Bacon & Crab Toast, Artichoke Fried Chicken and Lamb Shakshouka! Sangria was really sweet and I kind of revel whenever we drink for brunch cause why not right.


Also, as complete side note, being a generally quiet and introverted person my whole life, it's always been normal to be overlooked and forgotten, so I've always been extra appreciative of those who quietly observe and show gratitude, because yes, we all need some no matter how selfless we want to be. I do try so hard sometimes to make everything work for everyone and most days you accept that people just don't care because you're not out there or they don't know you but other days you just want to flip a table for just wanting a simple "thank you"; or to be seen and acknowledged for what you've done. Not knowing someone well is not an excuse for not having manners. Sooo excuse me while I go shout on a rooftop that I am here and alive, guys :'D