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Girls Night In with Clinique

Posted on Tuesday, July 18, 2017

So at the start of June Jocelyn from Clinique hinted that we should keep the 30th free for a "secret event" which makes me crazy because I love secrets! This girl would not give up any information at all despite my casual attempts at asking at random times in hopes that she would accidentally let slip some info. We literally did not know a single thing up to the very day until a cab showed up outside our house to bring us to... a house party!

Hello Manda and (other) Monica!

So our brief before arriving was to a) come in all white and b) not wear any make up. Being the well-behaved girl I was, I did just that so excuse my no-make-up face! Haha, I kid. I know I have good skin so going out without make up doesn't freak me out that much. Sorry to disappoint :'D

Anyway those passionfruit cocktails above look super innocent but they were prettyyy potent. Would say that we may have been a wee bit tipsy before we even started the night proper, whoops!

Mama Jocelyn 'SPLAININ

Sort of managed to settle down amidst all the noise we were making to get introduced to Clinique's newly launched Pep Start Range! The packaging is ultra fun, and even the product itself is something I've never tried itself - the Double Bubble Purifying Mask squeezes out in a pink liquid, but rub it in with a little water, leave it alone for 1-2 mins and it becomes all bubbly like the picture above!

May have not used the Pep-Start Pout Perfecting Balm according to instructions :3

Afterwards we were surprised with these personalised silky bathrobes, in which our names were embroidered at the back. We all freaked out when we saw them - so, so cute! It's like something you never knew you needed in your life but now I have one... I love it!

Broke out into smaller groups, did a "no mirror" make up challenge, danced around awkwardly, and maybe should have eaten more of the food being cooked for us outside on the patio before getting ready to finish up our Girls Night In and exchange it for... a Girls Night Out!

But that's another story that I shan't overshare here (since I can't remember half of it anyway, hahaha). It involves a party bus, 4 bottles of Macallan and a constant stream of guys coming around to our table asking Why we were all in white? Was this a bachelorette's party? To which the answer was "Yes" it was Jocelyn's and she hired us off the internet because she has no friends and we forgot to bring her princess crown, or any sort of props that would have made us better bridesmaids. Long story short, they gave us these quizzical looks like we were crazy and left us be, haaa!

Thanks to the Clinique team for organising this unforgettable night! 

The Pep-Start range is already available for sale here in Singapore 
- give them a follow on Instagram @cliniquesg :D