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Loloku for You

Posted on Thursday, July 6, 2017

Just a super slow afternoon at Loloku with dear Isabella (my "weekday friend" ahaha). I love going to restaurants on the weekdays and getting to choose the seat I want. We ended up in Loloku because, well the restaurant is gorgeous + I have a voracious appetite for rice bowls, which leads me to hunt for the best poke bowls in Singapore and I'll definitely say this is near the top of my list! $14.00 for a Medium base bowl with Salmon / Tuna + 4 toppings which I had tobiko (fish roe), edamame, fried shallots and walnuts. (The Large was $16.00, but we found Medium to be just nice for the both of us). I also added $2.00 for avocado cause why not and they were very generous with the portions.

I loved spending the whole day with Bella - eat, chit chat, and after eating, eat some more as we headed down to Afterglow after for dessert cause we just wanted to hang more. I always get pleasantly surprised when food dates extend to let's do more stuff dates, because it's then when you realise that your friends really put aside the whole day for you. I know you're not supposed to be surprised by that but I guess especially these days when everyone is working there's only weekends or like one meal to just catch up so it's still a pleasant surprise and I'm sorry if me saying that makes me sound so despondent, like my friends don't want to hang with me for long (you guys do... right??? :'D)

I meant it more like I am appreciative when people put aside time for you despite busy schedules. I always believe and have probably said this before but people are never too "busy" to see you, but it probably just means you aren't a priority in their lives... which is fine too. Can't be a priority in everyone's life - one would die from the commitment, haha. So yeah. Is this adult life? Seeing friends once every couple of months. I guess it is.