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Plentyfull of Love

Posted on Sunday, July 23, 2017

I think E-main is the busiest girl between planning her wedding and getting her house ready but I super appreciate how she always finds time to meet me! Here's a weekend finally stopping by Plentyfull for some brunch (as always) - I love the dish I ordered, the Fried Organic Eggs & Kin Yan Mushrooms on Sourdough Toast ($16.00++) and even though it's a vegetarian dish and Justin will cry if I ever ordered anything without meat (luckily he wasn't around, haha) - but seriously, though it was really filling and satisfying.

What are Kin Yan Mushrooms, by the way?? I googled it and Kin Yan seems to be a farm in Singapore, and the mushrooms were like a mixture of oyster mushrooms to me / probably were oyster mushrooms. It's so funny to have them in a brunch dish - but it works! It's also nice that Plentyfull's dishes support local farmers. Eggs were great and so huge too, I wouldn't be surprised if they were locally sourced; they burst open in that gorgeous orange colour and were covered in pecorino cheese. Fact: the only time I ever go vegetarian is when either eggs, cheese, mushrooms or eggplants are involved, does anyone feel the same?

Anyway, before our date was over, we already made plans for our next one! Can't wait to see this girl again ♥