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Kara Cafe

Posted on Friday, August 25, 2017

So I know my life looks a little frivolous sometimes but I promise you Vickii and I do get some work done when we meet, haha! Pretty pleased with how efficient we are too since we get each other's aesthetic.

Anyway, found ourselves in a middle ground at Kara Cafe, which also happens to be a revamped Sogurt, which I think all of us Bukit Timah school kids are familiar with. Yes, sogurt is still inside as well with their huge yogurt machines if you are feeling a little nostalgic. Didn't try any this time since I had a full meal!

Anyway, when I first saw the cafe on Instagram I didn't believe it was in Singapore, but it really is! The interior walls are to die for - not sure if I prefer the exposed pink bricks or the charming pastel murals. One thing I do wish is that the cafe had a bit more natural light as it was very yellow cast - I did a lot of editing on my photos, sooo... don't say I didn't say :'D

Food wise I got a bit of a workout with my pesto sourdough, but taste was flavourful and very filling.  Also, much "ragrats" upon leaving the cafe and realising I actually had 1-For-1 on the entertainer here. GAH. Half of me feels like I need to go back to make use of it and the other half is like "you just went, woman".

But ok, there were a lot more interesting items on the menu going on as well which I wouldn't mind coming back to try, like their rice bowls so we'll see!

Kara Cafe and Dessert Bar
617 Bukit Timah Road
Singapore 269718
Opening hours: 11:00am-10:30pm