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Behind the Scenes - TOC Turns 3

Posted on Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Just some extra behind the scenes photos from The Ordinary Co's 3rd birthday that didn't make it to the official lookbook. I think I particularly love this year's party since it went so smoothly - not to say last year's didn't, but it was my first time planning everything by myself so I definitely sweated a lot more over it then than now. Of course, a little experience and having people you can trust and collaborate with helps take a load off! 

I feel like I've thanked everyone over and over but I'm super touched how everyone played a part to for a collective reason to make this event work! It is very personal because TOC is my baby and to be reminded that people believe in it to put their time and effort towards this is very touching :'D

Abigail from Oakwood who replied me so quickly after I sent the proposal because she was so excited and full of good vibes - it helped kickstart the planning way faster! She was also there all day to help with little things for the event that I forgot, like additional bottled water and the handheld fans which the girls really used (and looked like a bunch of aunties, haha! Looking at Georgi and Cinddie here).

Sara and the ladies from Plan B of course played a huge part in setting up the entire picnic which the whole party was themed on and transforming the place - dragging those palettes / tables up and down was no joke guys. There was only us 4 girls doing it, and it took 2.5hours to set up but it looked spectacular!!! I cannot tell you how many times I have saved pins on Pinterest with all these fancy picnics and this literally is a dream come true. So on point and classy, just like Sara :)

Chris and team from Medano Coffee for volunteering their live coffee station - it was such a hit with the girls and perfect for the hot weather and just added to the interactivity of the event. My favourite had gula melaka in it which was gave it extra flavour (although ahem, the Baileys that Miss Winter Chee spiked all our coffees with also gave it lots of flavour, hahaha). Oh, and it was made with fancy ass luxury water from Nakd Water which also has the prettiest packaging. Medano also sells coffee pods which are Nespresso compatible so like as a non-coffee drinker that sounds super cool + I enjoyed my ice latte so much I had... two. Heh.

Vickii from Vickii Studio for the most amazing food! I randomly had the idea to have a DIY smoothie bowl making session while planning the party and the thought of all the logistics and moving parts made me wonder if it was too crazy - but after talking to Vickii and agreeing on  all the ingredients, she just got it done - and even exceeded expectations because she styled it perfectly on top as well. Yes, I could have gotten a normal caterer, but it's way more important to support a fellow Girl Boss right? Especially one who is also a friend :)

Jocelyn from Clinique for upping the swag of our goodie boxes with the perfect complementary pastel pink and green Moisture Surge tubs - she came early, unboxed and packed every single one in because I was running around like a headless chicken making sure everything was fine, so, THANKS BABE.

Amanda from Coco Max who gave me wayyy more coconut water than I asked for, I love how quickly she responded and was like yep, sure. The confidence that people have in this party is just mindblowing sometimes!

ALL THE GIRLS for taking the time to come down - the ones that have been around since the start but show their support every year; the new ones with open minds to come down meet and get to know the other girls - and everyone just being so excited and posting so enthusiastically about the event / the goodie bags they got! And those who wanted to come but couldn't + those that I may have forgotten to invite (hahaha SORRY I underestimated the space we had once again)

The hardworking men not seen in the photos: Chris and Jian Liang, my super dedicated photographer and videographer who HAHA I regret telling them to come in black, but they were so sweaty and so hardworking in the background while we girls had our chi chi party :'D

And of course le boyfriend / now fiance Justin, my mystery ops guy who handled everything in the background like a) dragging our icebox down b) getting the drinks and ice all packed and chilled for the event c) packing all the goodie boxes d) settling all the small little things I couldn't do because I was busy managing everything


So yep, till another year! The Ordinary Co has 20% off birthday discount this week (as usual), so do quote TOCTURNS3 (Min Spend $20.00) when checking out! We rarely have a flat discount off - usually the next time is Christmas, so make use of it hor.

Photography by Christopher Wong, Editing by Myself