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Good Smashing Time

Posted on Friday, September 22, 2017

If you guys haven't heard about The Fragment Room and are wondering why Mong and I are wearing these crazily oversized jumpsuits (no, it's not a new fashion trend), it's because we got invited down to the NARS Fall 17 collection launch - what a cool place to have an event!

So before we started letting off some steam, we were introduced to the new Fall collection - but not without a drink first, of course!

(One very helpful bartender held the drink for me, haha)

First up - the Precision Lip Liners (S$36.00) in 23 new colours! And yes, they have exact matching lipstick shades to go with them if you are OCD like that.

Mong's swatching versus mine, hahaha

I personally love matte liquid lipsticks more than anything right now because they always last so much longer (i.e. less reapplying for lazy me) - so I'm super psyched that NARS has launched their own range: the Powermatte Lip Pigment (S$40.00). You can see they come in great neutral shades and some more diverse options like the Black I swatched out. These were really hard to remove, so you can bet they will stay on when you need them to.

Thenn it was time to try on our foundation shades! What foundations you ask?

An Asia exclusive, this is NARS' Aqua Glow Cushion Foundation, a BB cushion cause we asians are crazy over them. I love everything about the packaging from the sleek smooth case to the on point black sponge. You could cry opening it up!!!

I use their Tinted Moisturiser as my every day base because I don't like heavy makeup, so I'm super excited to try this out because BB cushions are kind of in-between that and a hardcore foundation for those middle days where you want more coverage but you don't want to wear too much. (For anyone who is interested, my shade is Finland, but do go to the counter and ask them to test you!)

Also new, their Velvet Matte Foundation Stick (S$70.00) - a matte tube  with a foundation stick on one side and... sponge on the other! I don't know if any brand has done this yet but to me this is awesome and so convenient if you are on a the go and need quick touch ups! My only concern was how does one keep the clean the sponge but guess what, you can buy a sponge refill for S$10.00! (Or I would personally have tried in vain to soak it in warm water or something if I didn't know better, so luckily there are options, haa!)

Everyone was shy to try the actual smashing rooms so Mong and I went first! I remember I was having a bad day so it was really well timed that we had this event - definitely hit all the bottles we could to our heart's content, so much so that I actually forgot what was so bad about the day!

Protect Bella at all costs! (And also, why do we look like we are 12 in this photo, lol)

Thanks Celeste and team for the invite once again! I love all the little details put into this event to make the whole space feel so NARS. The Fall 17 collection is out already, get it at all NARS counters :)