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Turning 26 - Part 1

Posted on Monday, October 16, 2017

Turned 26 on 22nd August but have been sitting on these photos since (luckily, birthdays aren't like New Year's where you have to make resolutions such as being less slow with my blog posts, hah!) It was still a great day anyway, felt so loved and for a first step into the next quarter century of my life, it feels like I've come a long way from who I was growing up to who I am now.

Woke up in the morning anxious that Justin had overslept for work but he was like "ha no I took leave and we have a staycation for the next 3 days!" So I packed my bag in a whirlwind before heading out to meet...

...Janine! Who was on leave and treated me to Hai Di Lao (been craving steamboat like mad - it's like she just knew!)

Ugh ok I need to eat HDL again now.

We also got our nails done, which proved very useful for later (didn't know yet that Justin was planing to propose that day, but it was pretty suspect because he booked that staycation and kept telling me days before to get my hair done!)

And got my hair done I did, thanks to Kerastase, who always gets my hair sorted before big events! I usually go in to get the Fusio-Dose Treatment, which by the way also comes with a neck and head massage on top of, of course, treating hair. Seriously best way to spend a birthday pampering yourself! Big thanks to the ladies at Picasso Hair Studio for also taking extra care to curl my hair and feed me hot tea because I wasn't feeling well (ahem *period ok*)

Justin planned us a fantastic dinner at Mikuni, which was just walking distance from the JW Marriott South Beach (yes that was our secret staycation spot!) And the food was so so good plus, guess what? 50% off because of Eatigo. So proud of my man for always finding the best deals, I told him I expected no less :'D (And hey, the restaurant wasn't cheap anyway!)

Ok I ended up taking the dinner set because it was full of seafood which I love, so the 50% doesn't apply to that, but it was honestly quite value for $98++ with lobster, oysters, sashimi, and what not. All the other mains that Justin had for his were half price, like the swordfish sashimi which was amazing. I eat sashimi so much, I asked myself how much better can raw fish taste right.

The answer is a lot.

Definitely need to go back when I'm feeling less sickly so that I can enjoy this better! But still very memorable, which goes to show how good it was!

And of course Justin didn't book such a big room if he wasn't planning to fill it with friends! Came back after dinner to a "surprise" (ok it was kinda obvious), but still super touched that everyone took the time on a weekday after work to come down and celebrate with us. They all thought they would get to witness the proposal but Justin and I were like haha, nope, we did it before dinner! But we ate cake, drank and were merry, so all was good!

Fun fact: the ring was Justin's Grandmother's engagement ring, and subsequently his mother's which is simultaneously meaningful and absolutely terrifying because it's basically a family heirloom, which means I really, really have to take really good care of it.

Definitely one of the most memorable birthdays ever!

I know it's cheesey to say I can't wait to spend the rest of my life with this fatty one but honestly no one knows me better than him, or is more patient and generous. Anyway, I'm not one for writing sappy things online because I usually just tell it to his face, so that's all there is!

For everyone who's been asking when the wedding is, probably 2019 because we're settling our house first, just collected the keys in September :)