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Of Late Night Talks

Posted on Wednesday, November 29, 2017

We talked about how my biggest regret in life is being a late bloomer, but I am most grateful for the past 3 years of growth and becoming more introspective and self-aware to how my thoughts lead to my actions and impact my life.

Some say that confidence means accepting who you are unapologetically, but to fully be at peace with yourself doesn't mean that hence the world should bend to your will and accept you wholesale, "take it or leave it".  Self acceptance - which inherently leads to self confidence (to me at least) is having the humility to see and acknowledge these shortcomings, living with them, acknowledging that they need to be changed - and changing it.

I guess thanks to everyone who had the patience to guide me there or at least having the patience to wait till I reached it.

Whatever "it" is.

Photo by Vickii Ma, Editing by Myself