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PS Cafe at One Fullerton

Posted on Friday, November 10, 2017

I think it's pretty evident that I love to visit beautiful cafes and take pictures in them, but a part of me also is a teeny tiny bit jaded with the level of food that our cafes have here. Yes, I know Singapore has plenty of great and affordable food options but sometimes one just wants to sit in an air conditioned place and be a little chi-chi; and I just wish that the food could be a little more... elevated.  You know?

Anyway, I have never experienced the Melbourne cafe scene before but now I can't wait to try it because Justin just came back from a work trip and always talks about how much he loves the food, which is unprecedented guys. If you notice, I never go to cafes in Singapore with Justin because he is a "food-eh" (foodie ok) and thinks it beneath him HAHAHA.

So I'm not trying to diss our cafes - trust me I love them very much and I spend my hard earned money on them. I just go with friends who love it too, like dear Hilary and Cee. We had so much fun at the new PS Cafe at One Fullerton just being our worst Instagram selves (attracting a bit of suspiciousness from the staff who thought we were doing a commercial shoot instead of our good old ootds but it's aight).

I've been buckling down the past two weeks for the festive season anyway, so you'll probably seeing me doing less of this for the next couple of months and more hiding at home doing work. Or not. I'm a great believer in seizing all that life has to offer, so... I'll be around.

Photos of me by Hilary See, Editing by Myself