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SGFW 2017

Posted on Thursday, November 16, 2017

Uniqlo Ines De La Fressange Belt

I received a lot of compliments for my outfit but to be honest I almost chickened out wearing it because it's just a teeny bit out there (I was literally prancing around in public in my bra and safety shorts, guys) but I figured - when will I ever wear something like this other than... Singapore Fashion Week? There would always feel be someone to out-crazy my outfit, and to be honest I felt very at home and super comfortable in this because it was very airy! (Fun fact, I literally sewed and altered the straps of my dress the day before, I think having them sit further apart on your shoulders really elevates an outfit - this applies for all spag tops I wear).

Big thanks once again to dear Celeste from NARS for sending me into the giddying swirl and excitement as a Nars Insider! I look forward to this time the year very much and I honestly never in my life would I imagine that I would have the chance to attend SGFW in this capacity - and for two years! Being part of our small fashion industry myself, it's so important to support our local brands so I am so grateful to attend and be part of it all. I wish I could have gone for more shows, but that weekend was crazy, in the end as much as I love the thrill of it all, friends and family do take priority.

Anyway, I'll share more about what happened on the day itself, just wanted to put my outfit photos up first!

Photos by Joanne Lo, Editing by Myself

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