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Turning 26 - Part 3

Posted on Sunday, November 19, 2017

After everyone left from my birthday / engagement party our suite at the JW Mariott felt a little too big for the two of us, so we mostly hid out in our comfy (and stunning!) bedroom. We've both traveled this year but not together because we've been busy working, so it felt like the first time in a while we had some proper quality time together!

I have a photo of Justin in this exact same pose but he's half naked, hahaha. Actually I have a lot of photos of Justin in the same pose as me because I always frame the photo with him in it first (that and he runs in to model - he's helpful like that) :'D

Better photo of the ring, cause :)

Big thank you to Clinique for my favourite Take the Day Off range - this trio: the Make Up Remover, the Cleansing Milk and Towelettes are all a girl needs at the end of a busy day to keep her face fresh and pimple free (I'd been getting a lot more ever since I started wearing makeup).

I find the Towelette's particularly useful for those midday make up removals when you're too lazy to remove everything first. I really love the closure too because it snaps close too so they don't dry up! You know how a lot of brands use a sticky seal instead and it always peels out? Of course, always I always make sure to end the day off with a proper cleanse with the Cleansing Milk and Make Up Remover of course :)

Also headed up to the rooftop pool because everyone recommended it. It looks fantastic and really cool but it was actually really cold too since it was so high up! The wind kills so we tried to hide in the water most of the time, but we rarely swim except on vacation so we love to take every opportunity!

Thanks to some nice Chinese lady for helping us take this, haha. She took sooo many!

Sorry I am incapable of doing short posts. That's all to our 3D2N staycation! 
Can't wait to travel proper with this fatty again soon :)