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Another Valentine's Day

Posted on Friday, January 12, 2018

Jewelry: @theordinaryco
Puppies: @chubsandlexie
Florals: @tweedtwigs
Models: @eletheowl & lee
Photography: Myself

So I literally did not have time to blog the moment December hit but hey look, I'm back! I'm actually really pleased with myself having shot both CNY and Valentine's Day lookbooks for The Ordinary Co before 2017 was even over, but it was more serendipitous in that I was thinking of reaching out to Ele about shooting her puppies and as if she read my mind, she beat me to it and asked if I wanted to collaborate with her and Guo (of Tweed Twigs!) and just nice it was in time for Valentine's day so we even got Ele's partner, Lee on board for what I now fondly like to call my first family photo shoot :'D

So yeah. Shoot day was a bit off a mess with 4 adorable but crazily energetic puppies running everywhere and tearing up all the flowers (cue many blur photos in which made me want to cry when I first opened the raws, haha) but somehow once they started getting tired and flopping around it got a lot easier to shoot! I'm really pleased with the results and the feedback I've been getting is overwhelmingly positive.

I included some little extras here but do check out the full lookbook here guys!