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Kenzoki De Jour

Posted on Wednesday, February 14, 2018

I've been wanting to try the food at Como Cuisine for a while but it's way more fun when the room came set up by the lovely ladies of Touch PR for our night with Kenzoki's (Kenzo's beauty arm). The team really outdid themselves this time with the super aesthetic table setting filled with white lotuses, paying homage to the same ingredients in their new launch - the Belle De Jour Dream Night Mask. It has a super fluffy texture and has a light floral smell, aiming to revitalise your skin as you sleep, and is personally, my very first night mask! Anyway, pictures here:

(Hahaha Alverina :'D)

Dinner wise, I'd like to consider that day the day I decided I actually like chicken breast. The other option on the menu was beef (which I don't eat) so I was disappointed that I had to have chicken breast but this was done so, so well. Tender all the way through and just a faintest bit of pink in the middle.

We were also treated to smoked oyster at the start (very smokey, haha, sorry but that is literally what it should be and it succeeded); bread with jackfruit chutney (amazing and fruity with the essential chutney taste still); tuna tartare (aggressively seasoned with just the right zing); and lastly, the prettiest mango sticky rice I have ever eaten (and true to how a mango sticky rice should taste). Laveena chose the other strawberry dessert option, and I swear she side eyed my dessert the rest of the night HAHA.

I wish we could do more of these for events! Nothing like good food, free flow custom cocktails and a beautiful room to help you enjoy the middle of the week.

The Belle De Jour Dream Night Mask (75ml) retails at SGD136.00 and is available in stores now!